Angkor Wat

7 Hidden Secrets of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat remains one of the most celebrated and largest archaeological sites in the world. It is massive as well as impressive. Some details and hidden facts about Angkor Wat are given below.

1. City of Temples

Angkor Wat remained the capital of Khmer Empire. It was built during 1100-1150 CE by Suryavarman the Second. It covers an area of 400 square kilometers and is full of mysterious and majestic buildings. Experts believe that it is the biggest and most complex religious monument ever built on Earth.

City of Temples

2. The Dark History

Suryavarman the Second was the mastermind of this city and all structures. At the age of just 14, he became the king after killing his own uncle. To prove his magnificence and worth to the people, he started complex temples and buildings. The cost must have been very heavy for the people as reportedly five million tons of sandstone was used and transported 25 miles to the buildings.

3. Discovery of Angkor Wat

We can imagine how advanced and great the builders of Angkor Wat were. It was built in 12th century over a period of 30-50 years. But the modern civilization discovered it in late 19th century. During French Missionaries in 1860, the European found these temples and the place. Archaeologists who discovered the place and temples believed these were built by another race, not the Cambodians.

4. The Planner of Angkor Wat

It is commonly believed Suryavarman the Second was behind this place, temples and all structures who ordered the construction during Khmer Empire. Reports suggest Suryavarman the Second killed his uncle to become to king. Experts say that he was not just a man, he was a demigod. He was muscular, visionary and very powerful and in depictions he has been seen with people sitting around him.

Angkor Wat Bayon Temple

5. Hydraulic Structures and Canals

Angkor Wat city had a population of one million people. It consisted of complex irrigation systems, paved roads and beautiful buildings. When it comes to the reasons why Khmer Empire collapsed, no apparent reasons have been reported. However, experts remarked environmental collapse could have been the only reason why this empire disappeared all of sudden.

6. Myth and Details

What still confuses the archaeologists are the mysterious faces on the temples and structures. As reported, there are around 1800 portraits of women faces in the city, which are all totally different from one another. People cannot comprehend why this huge number of women faces are there. However, they believe these women must have been important and held greater positions during the Khmer Empire.

7. Hub of Buddhism

Most of the temples here contain the oldest religious text of the world. The text refers to gods of heaven and earth. It is reported Suryavarman the Second, who planned these temples and other structure, had died before these were completed. The experts also believe it remained a hub of scholarly work of Buddhism and the temples reflect the spiritual affiliations of its creator, Suryavarman the Second.

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