Mekong Delta

What Not To Miss When Visiting Southern Vietnam And Mekong Delta?

Being known as one of two parts in the Southern Vietnam, with a geographical position at the end of Indochina Peninsula, Mekong River Delta is an important transport hub to promote exchanges between Vietnam and other countries on the Peninsula. About 2 hours south of Saigon, the Mekong makes its dramatic final push to the South China Sea, at the end of its epic 4900 kilometers journey. During the tour you’ll sample the food of the Delta, a region rich with fresh fruits and vegetables.

When you travel, you take help from travel guide that tells you about the must-do’s and must-visits where everyone goes. But if you want to try something extra or more then here are the things that you would love to do in the Southern part of Vietnam.

1. Visit the Floating Market in Mekong Delta

Floating Market in Mekong Delta

Of course, you’ll want to eat on your tour. Head to Can Tho’s Floating Market, Mekong Delta and enjoy the exquisite meals. This market is one of the biggest in the city with lots and lots of vendors. You can even go early if you want to avoid the head and enjoy the delicious local food. You can find wide variety of meals from full cuisine to a coffee. This market offers it all.

2. Don’t Miss the Special Dishes of Mekong Delta

Special Dishes of Mekong Delta

Mekong delta is not only known for its floating market and beautiful waterways, it is also famous for the special and tasty food it offers. From local food stalls to fancy restaurants, Mekong offers a great variety of food to the travelers. Their most popular dishes include; hotpot sauce, climbing beef, coconut wine, Phu my cake and many more. You can satisfy your cravings in this place.

3. Pay a Visit to the Orchards

Pay a visit to the Orchards

If you want to freshen up your mood then, visit the beautiful green orchards in the Southern Vietnam. You can enjoy walking around the heavy trees loaded with fresh fruit. There are also games for you in the orchards such as “scoop ditch to catch fish” which is played by wearing a traditional costume.

4. Shop from Ben Thanh Market

ben thanh market

The busiest market in Southern Vietnam that provides complete access to all kinds of stuff that you will need to buy. It reflects the rich culture of the city, it is also known as the commercial center of Vietnam. Explore the market and pick up your favorite things from a clattering market and meet the most hospitable people around.  

5. Dive in Nha Trang Beach

Dive in Nha Trang Beach

Feeling tired after so much traveling? Want to relax and looking for some peace of mind? Nha Trang Beach is your way to go. It is the most beautiful beach of Vietnam where you can relax by swimming into the fresh blue sea or just simply enjoy the view from the shore.

6. Ride an ATV

Ride an ATV

Riding an ATV in white sand dunes would be an enjoyable ride. Pay off some amount and experience an ATV in an area full of white sand, you can also enjoy a solo ride. It would be an amazing experience that you should definitely try if you want to do something extra or different.


Vietnam has so many attractions for tourists – specially Mekong Delta. Southern Vietnam is full of jaw-dropping sceneries of beautiful beaches, mouthwatering food, busy roads, calm orchards and rich with the cultural heritage of its cities. Try out these things and make your trip extra epic and worthy. Share with us about your wonderful trip if any right the comment space below.

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