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Find Peace! 5 Relaxing Things To Do In Seoul

Seoul is a very lively city full of hustle and bustle. The people are loud and always fresh and chirpy. Seoul is also known for its nightlife and parties and loud music. Amidst the fast-paced life, there are many relaxing spots which are not far away from the city. You can escape from the city life for a few hours into these peaceful and relaxing spots and enjoy your time. These relaxing places are even more worth if you have just been to DMZ.

Listed below are some of the relaxing things you can do in Seoul.

1. Seoul Forest

Seoul Forest

  • This is similar to the New York’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park. This forest alone is huge and consists of 5 parks which you can enjoy and stroll around and absorb its beauty.
  • The ecological forests where you can feed deer and interact with other wildlife.
  • The Hangang river waterside park.
  • The Cultural Art Park with different types of cultural displays of statues and other sculptures.
  • The Wetlands Ecological Field with a bird park.
  • The Nature Experiencing Study Field with flowers and insects gardens.
  • This forest will be enjoyed by you and your family.

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2. Garden of the Morning Calm

Garden of the Morning Calm

This is a beautiful world on its own. This is one of the oldest private gardens of Seoul and that is why there a fee to enter. It is located 2 hours away from the city center and hosts many festivals all year round. It is constructed to resembles the Korean Peninsula is home to more than 5000 plants. Many Korean films and dramas shooting have been done here. It is extremely colorful and you will be awed by the beauty of this garden and extremely calming and peaceful place. The garden is divided into 20 sections and there are workshops held to teach the making of soaps, beads, bracelets, and necklaces.

3. Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park

It is the most accessible mountain in Seoul but you will need a bus ride to reach the destination. You will love the natural scenic beauty and you can have a small family picnic at the edge of the mountain and if you are adventurous enough then you can go hiking on the mountain. It won’t be easy to hike but you can try for an experience and there will be plenty of stops and rest points.

4. Samcheong Park

Samcheong Park

Another relaxing spot in the vicinity of the city. At the start of the park is a library which you can rent and read and unwind at the park. You can also go hiking on the walking trails or just relax and interact with nature. Walk towards the end and you will get to see a rock observatory.

5. Ilsan Lake Park

 Ilsan Lake Park

This park is surrounded by a beautiful lake and many artificial islands are built on the border. It hosts many different kinds of wildlife species and flowers. A great park to rent a bike and cycle around or just chill and relax. Also, in some weather, it hosts musical water shows as well. A great place to relax and enjoy with family.

So, when your DMZ trip is over and you’re heading to Seoul, make sure to visit at-least one of these places to experience calmness.

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