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6 Things To Know Before Going To Cairns

Following are the important things everyone should know before going to Cairns.

1. Getting There

When it comes to getting to Cairns, most people travel by air. It should be noted the airlines in high seasons have higher prices so this can be expensive for anyone. You can get discounts, promotions and special offers in low seasons. So try to get your tickets in a low season to keep the trip within the budget.

2. Booking Rooms

Cairns is a bit expensive when compared to other countries and the tourist destinations. A single may cost you around 50 AUD for a night stay and this will be a comfortable room. There are some other luxury hotels too that offer free internet services to the tourist. They are really expensive and their foods are not cheaper either. Try to get rooms in a restaurant that suits your budget.

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3. Travel Expenses

When you will reach there, you should not get a taxi from the airport. As many hotels and restaurant offer free pickup service to their customers, you can avail this free service. Otherwise, there are cheaper taxes out of the airport area. The drivers there are also willing to offer transport service throughout your trip.

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4. Eating in Cairns

Similarly, the food is not cheap in Cairns. If you want to eat simple foods like sandwiches, Indian foods or shop take away- this may cost you 14 AUD while most restaurant charge 30-40 AUD for a single meal. However, if you have cooling facility in your hotel, you can make cheap foods by spending around 70 AUD on grocery and other items. But with this, you cannot enjoy the local dishes as well as seafood.


5. Places to Visit

There is a long list of places to visit in Cairns. The city is full of amazing places, parks, historical sites, islands, botanical gardens, cultural places and modern structures. You should make a list of what you will do there and what places you want to visit. However, helicopter ride, visiting lesser known islands, white water rafting, dinner at a restaurant, The Great Barrier Reef, visiting botanical gardens and tablelands are the places you can go and things you can do in Cairns.

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6. Get a Guide

If you are going to Cairns for the first time and don’t know much about the city, you may need a guide. This will not be an expensive option. You will get a supportive person within your budget. But this can be really helpful to learn the history, find more about the culture, understand the norms and get tricks for a better trip in Cairns.

Bonus: Money Saving Tips

With all this said, here are some useful tips to save money:

  • We suggest you to cook most of your food in your hotel
  • Internet is very slow in Australia. But you can use free Wi-Fi at McDonalds and libraries.
  • Share rides with other tourist to keep the cost low.
  • If you have to eat from outside, try places where the local eat.
  • Lastly, get a package for all activities including airline tickets, room, hotels, food, travel and moving around- this can be a better option instead of individual costs.

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